Our story starts in the 90's when the digital transformation was on the rise in the fashion and FMCG/CPG (*) industries. Innovative solutions were introduced at an ever constantly increasing pace with chain digitazition and omnichannel being few of the highlights. Since the start we have been very passionate about the process of change and acceptance, which eventually led to the founding of TRANSITION IT in 2010.

In our early years the demand for project management and change management was high, however in the recent years we see an increasing demand in supporting and managing so called "strategy to operations" opportunities and changes, which requires our industry knowledge, our sharp analyses and our strong communication and social skills.

(*) FMCG = Fast Moving Consumer Goods. CPG = Consumer Packaged Goods


Our result oriented and pragmatic approach shows our energetic and explorative drive with as much ambition as curiosity. 

We prefer achieving (or rather over achieving) targets and satisfied customers over impressive project plans. 

Our passion is interacting with people. The success of the projects we managed or participated in, that literally took us all over the world and in which we worked together with people from different cultures and diverse backgrounds both locally and - more recently due to COVID-19 - remotely, demonstrates that this is something we are very good at. 

We thrive in complex, result oriented environments where change is a central topic. 


TRANSITION IT helps (international) retailers with recognising and accepting, implementing and managing changes in strategy and operations.

This video (in Dutch, with English subtitles) about TRANSITION IT is recorded and broadcasted as part the RTL-Z's program "How it's done"

In this video Marnix Wolters, founder and owner of TRANSITION IT, speaks about his company and how they help their customers to manage their changes, small and large. 


Our customers include well known and less known fashion and FMCG companies, who are active as wholesalers and retailers and who have an international presence or focus. 

Some customers we have worked with are McGregor, Marlies Dekkers, CLUSE, NZA New Zealand Auckland, FÉST, Scotch & Soda, Gaastra and MEXX.


We have built a global network of experts and renowned organisations which allows us to scale up at nearly any moment if required. This can be suppliers of products or services and knowledge experts, but also customers who are willing to share their experiences about certain topics. This enables us to deliver optimal implementation of our projects. 


TRANSITION IT has a strong focus on our corporate social responsibility and is actively involved in making and maintaining a healthy society in which everybody can be who or what he or she wants to be.

A society in which an individual's integrity is a priority.

We expect from our suppliers and partners a similar ambition and we believe that a healthy environment with opportunities for everybody is key for our coworkers and employees as well as for the employees of our suppliers, partners and for our clients. 


TRANSITION IT has been - and still is - a very active sponsor of local sportsclubs. Currently we are proud "official clubsponsor" of basketball club Zoetermeer Hammerheads. (www.ztm-hammerheads.nl)