Every company is dealing with change constantly. As many of these changes are relatively small and recurring, these are often seen as daily processes rather than changes. Examples are new customers and products or a new colleague/manager.

There are many changes, however, for which it is valuable to have access to seasoned professionals who have dealt with similar changes before. TRANSITION IT can help you with this. Examples of changes where we have supported our customers successfully in the past: 

  • Expansion (natural growth and mergers and acquisitions (M&A);
  • Sales growth and cost reduction;
  • Transition into multichannel / omnichannel environment;
  • Market disruptions (such as COVID-19);
  • Transition to newer technologies;
  • Restructuring, downsizing and restart after a bankruptcy



For many companies creating (and updating) their strategy can be challenging. Translating the strategy to operations, however, and making sure that this is understood and implemented in the organisation is an even more complex process which TRANSITION IT can support you with.




Although our consultancy practice is built on more than 25 years of international experience (USA and Canada, Europe and Asia) we remain focused on new ideas, visions, opportunities and possibilities. 

Each customer, each situation and each challenge is unique, and we do not believe in standard, one-size-fits-all approaches. Instead we believe in using the approaches and techniques that are most suitable for the challenges at hand.

Our way of working has proven to be very effective over and over again and our customers commend us for it. We see and hear this when we ask our customers for feedback during and after our assignments.

Also the fact that all our customers work with us for many years and remain - without exception - very positive about our partnership tells us that we really make a difference!


Each director, manager or team leader makes choices on a daily basis and is expected to ensure that the organisation as a whole and "their" team individually is operating effectively and efficiently. It is a fact that the most successful business people are supported by one or more business coaches.

The business coaching sessions increase insight into your own actions (and their consequences) and these new insights allow you to grow as a person and as a professional. During these sessions we review the challenges and the choices that were made and discuss the entire process and extract key learnings.



2GOVERN is a simple yet very effective application which will help you to document and regularly review all your standards, regulations, security measures and risk control frameworks with minimal effort.

Risk control no longer needs to be a yearly headache, as with the use of 2GOVERN it is an ongoing process providing the opportunity to remedy risks before they become issues. What else do you need?