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Consulting services

Transition IT is a leading consultancy agency specialized in the development issues of organizations.

Our knowledge and experience in the area of ​​business systems and processes, gained as a consultancy agency, brings back the pragmatics. So the focus is no longer on complicated mechanisms, but back on the operating results and the synergy which belongs to that way of working.

We develop a customized strategy based on the needs of the customer and that of the final consumer. We determine the direction for the future and help you to get there.

We deliver sustainable and efficient business solutions.

Software development & IT outsourcing

Transition IT offers – through its strong partnership with Tarento Tecchnologies – various compelling outsourcing options for development as well as for daily systems monitoring and maintenance.

Our centers of excellence in various platforms and technologies we can take over your development effort or we can back fill your own development teams so you are prepared for fluctuations in demand for development capacity when you need it most.


SUSTAINVIEW is a business intelligence (BI) tool that will help retailers to generate up-to-date dashboards and progress reports on the sustainability of their supply chain as part of their CSR program.

It will provide internal and external reports on how “green” and sustainable their supply chain is. It will also enable retailers to pursue fair trade, protect the environment and demonstrate their progress and performance to a wide audience through various channels including social media.


  • Demonstrates how the organization influences, and is influenced by, expectations about sustainable development
  • Benchmark and assess sustainability performance with respect to laws, norms, codes, performance standards, and voluntary initiatives
  • Mitigate – or reverse – negative environmental, social and governance impacts
  • Assessment of compliance
  • Increased understanding of risks and opportunities
  • Improve reputation and brand loyalty, avoid being implicated in publicized environmental, social and governance failures